Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 Platinum Course Director Award for Anders!

Pro Dive Mexico Course Director Anders Heegaard was at DEMA 2011 show once again awarded as a PLATINUM Course Director by PADI. There are only a handful in the world! In the picture you see JAMES MORGAN, PADI Americas Vice President of Training, together with Anders, receiving his award. Congrats Anders, on a job well done!

Instructor Development Award 2011!

DEMA show Orlando has been very successful for us! The first day of the show we have been awarded once again for excellence in instructor development in latin america. In the picture you see our operations manager Maria Jose Lledo Jara, receiving the award from Nick Jenny and Robert Sievens, PADI regional manager of latin america. We are proud to be one of only three latin american IDC centers to receive this 2011 award!

Cousteau meets Pro Dive Mexico!

In the picture you see JEAN MICHEL COUSTEAU, the son of world reknown diving explorer and icone JAQUES COUSTEAU, along with Maria Jose, Gaby and Markus of Pro Dive Mexico, during their talks about introduction of Cousteaus conservation educational program ("Ambassador of the Seas") into our GOPRO program portfolio. An exciting new project, to keep and help pushing the protection of the worlds oceans, as well as to add an exciting and unparalleled program to our portfolio, being available to our IDC and GOPRO students in the near future. We will keep you updated in the next news and development!