Thursday, December 16, 2010

Seasonal Greeting from Pro Dive Mexico

There is no better time to say "Thank You" to all our loyal guests/students and to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year of health, happiness, prosperity and scuba fun !!
santa diver
Also for 2011 we have managed to add extra services and value to our worldwide diving community!

1) Changed our Scuba Academy into Mexico's one and only PADI CDC center.
2) Added a new 5 STAR PADI National Geographic dive center on Cozumel (Melia Cozumel)
3) Added super low priced "Stay & Dive packages" for all our resorts for 2011
4) Complemented our excisting GoPro training with Tec training and full Cave Courses.
5) Extra incentives for Scuba clubs/groups in 2011.

Have a great christmas season and a healthy 2011

Team Pro Dive Mexico

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pro Dive Mexico first Full Cave Diver Course.

On Monday the 6th of December Pro Dive Mexico hosted their first FULL CAVE DIVER course as part of the Go Tec Department with students Joe Lodge (USA) and Frederic Fabre (France).

Their Instructor is Pro Dive Mexico's techincal diving expert from Switzerland Alain Pocobelli.

Their journey from having no experience, to become trained cave divers over the next 9 days of training can be followed in these pictures.

In this picture Frederic (left), Alain (center) and Joe Lodge (right)

Soon in an a blog coming up, will be Joe's personal notes from the day to day activities and thoughts that go through your head, when training in one of the most extreme diving environments on the earth.

In the Yucat√°n Peninsula, any surface opening where groundwater can be reached is called cenote, which is a Spanish form of the Maya word d'zonot. The cave systems formed as normal caves underwater, but upper sections drained becoming air filled during past low sea levels. During this vadose, or air filled state, abundant speleothem deposits formed. The caves and the vadose speleothem were subsequently reflooded and became hydraulically reactivated as rising sea levels also raised the water table.

Joe and Fred both gave an amazing performance throughout the course and meet all standards and requirements for diving in these harsh conditions.

Congratulations to Fred and Joe for completing the course.

See all the pictures from the course here.
Video's can be seen later

Last MSDT course of 2010!

After 4 days of training, 5 instructor specialty course we have 8 new specialty instructors certified from Pro Dive Mexico's Career Development Centre.
In the course the new instructors learnt specialized diving techniques used for teaching PADI diver specialties.
It was great fun and a nice break from the past IDC presentations.

See pictures from Equipment workshop by ScubaPro, Deep diving in Cozumel Marine Park, Search and Recovery diving at Eden Rock and Nitrox/Wreck diving in Puerto Morelos!!

Pictures here taken at Pro Dive Mexico's flagship dive centre in Cozumel. Located only 2 min from the famous Palancar reef.
In the picture, from close to far; Victoria, Ivan, Ariane, Simone, Chance, Isable, Matteo and Nicolai.

See more pictures from this course by clicking here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

IDC November a huge success!! again 100% passing rate at the exams.

This Sunday was the day! After over 2 weeks of intensive instructor training all the hard work showed off.
Pro Dive Mexico with yet another 100% passing rate at the IE, impressed the examiners by the high quality and consistency in their presentations.

At Cenote Poderosa was the final day of the exams. Who could wish for a more beautiful place to pass your exam and become a PADI Instructor.

From left to right, top to bottom: Ivan, Rahel, Victoria, Matteo, Hanns, Erik, Nikolai, Chance,
Isabel, Simone, Jasmina, Ariane, Anders (CD) and Paolo (Staff Instructor)

"This IDC was a great experience. We had candidates from all parts of the world come together for 14 days of instructor training. Germany, Denmark, Argentina, Switzerland, Italy, England, USA, Brazil and France where the countries represented at this IDC and made it a very multi cultural experience teaching it.
The candidates showed an amazing ability to adopt the PADI system quickly and use it in their favor at the IE.
I wish you all the best in your instructor careers and hope that our paths will meet again.
Thank you guys and girls for making this a very memorable IDC." Anders Heegaard, Course Director.

See the pictures from the Instructor Exam here

Monday, November 29, 2010

An introduction to technical diving.

In the IDC there is also time for FUN!! Yesterday we spent a morning in the company with our own Full Cave Instructor Alain Pocobelli.
He gave a great presentation on tec diving and demonstration of diving techniques in the pool.

Afterwards it was the IDC candidates turn to feel what it’s like to be diving “tec”.

The session was a huge success and I think we have some new to be cave and tec divers in the course.

See all the pictures from the morning here

November 2010 IDC

Pro Dive Mexico November IDC entering the second week!
All the candidates are doing great and their performances are nearly perfect.
On Friday the 3rd of December they will go to the PADI Instructor Examination and represent Pro Dive Mexico.

All of the candidates have the full support from our staff and fellow instructors.
We wish you all the best at the examination this weekend.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates from the IDC.
See the pictures here

Saturday, November 27, 2010

In the spirit of "Dropzone - Fiji"! Divers and KiteSurfers

As PADI and Body Glove united Divers and surfers in Fiji last month. This time Pro Dive Mexico and Morph kiteschool at Catalonia Playa Maroma and Catalonia Royal Tulum in Mexico followed up.

Young passionate kite professionals are combing the trilll of Kiting with the passion of scuba diving.
A new way of living and exploring the Caribbean over and under the waves !!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

IDC prep November 2010

After 2 days of prep the Pro Dive Mexico Instructor Candidates are now ready for the IDC.
Tomorrow Friday we kick of the last IDC of year.

Follow us here on the blog and also look for dailey photos and updates on Facebook.
See our pictures from the 2 days up to the IDC here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cenote dive with GoPro students

Another great day in the Riviera Maya!
Today in the DMRSP we took a field trip to the famous cenote Tajma-Ha.

The cenotes and caverns are located throughout the our jungle in an ancient underwater river system to which we have access to over 700 kms of explored diving areas. Nowhere else in the world can you enter such magnificently decorated and spiritually sensitive areas that open a whole new realm to your diving ability and experience.

Cenote Tajma-Ha has much to offer for both Cavern and Cave Divers, is situated just south of Playa del Carmen near Puerto Aventuras. The dive takes the diver from the entrance into a wide room underneath an air filled bat Cave. Here light enters through holes in the ceiling and penetrates the water like laser beams during the summer months. Along the Cavern floor you will find hundreds of stalactites lying in the sediment. Continuing the dive you enter the sugar bowl, a second small Cenote where you can see an amazing light show on Sunny Days. Tajma-Ha is decorated with stalactites, stalagmites and plenty of hidden fossils can be spotted if you look for them. Haloclines in the deeper areas create interesting mirror like effects as divers penetrate the layer of salt water, which is below the fresh water.

At Pro Dive Mexico we are proud to have introduced 3 new divers to the amazing world of diving in Cenotes. Eian, Joe and Matteo...welcome to the dark side :-)

See all the pictures from the dive here

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dive Master Resort Specialist Program at Pro Dive Mexico.

See pictures from Eian, Joe, Matteo, Jason and Frederic's one month Divemaster internship.
Lot's of diving and load of learning.
This program is specially designed for working in the resort environment and will help you gain that experience needed to succeed.
Next week we are off to the CENOTES for some fresh water cavern diving!!

If you are a certified Divemaster or wish to become one, join us for the next program starting 23rd of November 2010.

See the pictures here

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pro Dive Mexico FIRST & ONLY PADI CDC in Mexico!

Pro Dive Mexico would like to thank everyone involved in achieving the highest PADI rating possible for a 5 star IDC center.

Last week our PADI 5-STAR IDC facility in Catalonia Playa Maroma was rated officially by PADI to a 5-STAR PADI Career Development Center.
Special thanks to our Course Director Anders Heegaard and staff for achieving this rating.

With this rating Pro Dive Mexico has been recognized by PADI for it's excellent work and having the highest quality level of training and instructor development in the Caribbean.
We also believe that we received this rating as we have offered not only courses, but also professional scuba careers within our Company and several other positions within one of our many resort based dive centers in Mexico!

We are the first & only PADI Career Development Center in Mexico!

Comment of the President Pro Dive Mexico:
"We are so excited about this new PADI rating, as I know how hard everyone worked during the last years.
I also believe that Mexico and its dive industry will greatly benefit by this quality rating as it gives extra value to all future students, wanting to become a dive professional in our country.
Besides offering cenotes, caverns, cozumel marine park, mayab ruins and culture and a splendid nightlife, our area now also has it's own PADI Career Development Center.
What a great combination! Once again thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

The PADI 5 Star Career Development Center (CDC) classification is awarded to PADI 5 Star IDCs that conduct additional instructor-level training and meet requirements for assisting dive leaders in reaching their educational and professional goals.

PADI 5 Star CDCs offer career-oriented training to prepare dive professionals for employment in the dive industry as well as offering job placement assistance for program graduates. PADI 5 Star CDCs are committed to training dive leaders and conducting career development programs.

There are more than 15 Instructor Development Centers (IDCs) in Mexico, but only 1 (one) have been awarded the prestigious Career Development Center (CDC) rating.
Pro Dive Mexico is the one of only 3 CDC in Latin/Central and South America.

The PADI CDC award recognizes progressive and professional 5 Star IDCs who have committed resources to dive industry career training.

The philosophy of PADI's CDC award is that divers, PADI members and the dive industry at large benefit from the PADI 5 Star CDC’s commitment to professional development and excellence.

Career oriented scuba instructors entering today’s dive industry seeking employment need knowledge and skills beyond the ability to teach diving. Pro Dive Mexico CDC meets this need.

PADI CDCs provide programs that address professional training beyond the instructor development process.

The PADI 5 Star Career Development Center (CDC) award is given to PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centers (IDC) that dedicate their businesses to professional development beyond regular instructor training. These businesses offer vocational oriented continuing education training to prepare individuals for dive industry careers and provide job placement services within the dive industry. PADI Members and the dive industry at large benefit from the PADI 5 Star Career Development Centers’ commitment to professional development and excellence, and their unique ability to provide qualified candidates to fill industry employment needs.

Special IE option for CDCs

Candidates enrolled in five pre-and/or post-IDC courses (Pre-study, MFAI, Specialties etc.) OR candidates of a six-week career development program who successfully complete a PADI IDC, conducted by the CDC, may attend a PADI IE if they have been certified divers for at least six months, have logged 60 dives and are certified PADI Assistant Instructors (the AI course is part of the new IDC).

CDC candidates who successfully complete an IE and subsequently meet the 100-logged-dive certification requirement will be certified as PADI Instructors when their paperwork has been processed by PADI.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

September 2010 MSDT Preparation a success!!

Yesterday (1st of October 2010) we finished our very popular 4 day MSDT preparation course.
In the course the new instructors learnt specialized diving techniques used for teaching PADI diver specialties.
It was great fun and a nice break from the IDC presentations.

See pictures from deep diving in Cozumel Marine Park, Night diving at Eden Rock and Nitrox Wreck diving in Puerto Morelos!!

Hopefully see more of you for the next one 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NEW Pro Dive Mexico Instructors!!!!

The September IDC and IE came to a great end this weekend. After 2 days of being tested by PADI staff they all passed their exam with some of the highest scores.

At Cenote Ponderosa Course Director Anders Heegaard was again personally thanked by PADI examiners, for his execptional thorough training of his candidates.
"It's not everyday I see instructors candidates trained to this level. It's been a pleasure to be examiner on your team" was the what the PADI staff had to say about our training.

We congratulate Antonio Bernal, Simon Page, Jo Jo Willink, Sean Turnbull, Clare Johnson, Charlie Kessler, Ben Eisele, Ivan Samra, Manuel Medina, Leo Morante and Geraldine Solignac, on a job well done!!

Good job guys an all the best to you in your diving careers. :-)

See all the pictures here..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 2010 IDC : Training day at the cenote...

Sunday September 19th: Just a few days more and the PADI IE starts....
Today a fantastic training day at one of the many Cenotes......Skills, presentation and a day out in the jungle!

Friday evening 24th of September thePADI examination starts!! SUNDAY new Instructors are born..and a great party in Play del Carmen.

See pictures here.

Stay tuned....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rebreather TRY-OUT at IDC course...BIG SUCCESS

Yesterday 18th September our IDC candidates were treated with our FREE Rebreather & TEC training try-out. Our Guest speaker and trainer Etienne did a great job!! All our candidates loved this and asked many questions. How does this work? Can I open it and see what it does?
All questions were answered and they all had a go!! Thanks Etienne !!!

See the pictures here

IDC started on 10 September

Follow our Candidates on facebook during their 14 days PADI IDC training. Candidates of all Nationalities and ages are now preparing for their IE (PADI Exams) in a fabulous surrounding in Mexico. They will do the practical part at the EDEN Cenotes. You are more then welcome to join us on their graduation day. Sunday 26September 2010. Alos at the after party later that day/evening :-)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dear future PADI instructor!

In September this year, Pro Dive Mexico Scuba Academy will celebrate it's 5th year anniversary in offering PADI IDC’s and instructor training, and we like you to celebrate this with us!

(Bookings window only during August)

IDC Training September 25% Discount
EFR-I Training September 30% Discount
MSDT Prep. Training September 20% Discount

Additionally we offer a FREE IDC PREP course, when booking the MSDT Prep training!!

Additional goodies included in the ALL our IDC’s:
FREE Oxygen Instructor Specialty
FREE Rebreather Try Out
FREE Cavern dive introduction

Additional goodies included in ALL our MSDT prep Training.
FREE Scubapro Technician clinic

You save 624 US$ by booking your September IDC/MSDT with us during August, and over 1250 US$ when considering also the regular special benefits, that you’ll receive anyway when taking your next step with PRO DIVE MEXICO!

So if you are interested in becoming an instructor, then NOW is the time to save big on your training.

This offer is limited until Class is full and instead of the PAID Divemaster internship program we have.
So, apply now!

Watch our Promo Video and get a glimps of what's waiting for you :-)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Divemaster Training June-July 2010

Scuba Academy we have been training Divemasters for awile. Recently we had 5 new Divemasters get certified from our 2 month training program.
Congratulations to Ryan Silva, Brandon Patton, Cameron Patton, Clare Johnson and Charlie Kessler.
All came to Pro Dive Mexico as Advanced divers and are now leaving with hundreds of dives and an expeirence for a life time.
Clare Johnson and Charlie Kessler will be returing in September to become PADI Scuba Instructors.
Congratulations to all of you :-). Check out the photos here

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Latest state of the art SCUBAPRO GEAR "TEST DIVE"

Dive gear manufacturer SCUBAPRO and Pro Dive Mexico partnership test dive.

Last month 2 representatives from SCUBAPRO, Roberto Quintana (Latin American sales manager) and Sylvia Maiz Rivero (Grupo Mak) joined Pro Dive Mexico in Cozumel to officially test their new equipment line.

New equipment, such as the ultra light GEO BCD and the LUNA dive computer.

It was a wonderful day and another great add-on to our partnership.

In the picture, (left to right): Hans, Tristan, Florian, Sylvia, Roberto and Course Director Anders Heegaard (Video below)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Instructor training, 100% and highest scores

Here at Pro Dive Mexico we were the first IDC center in Mexico to conduct the 2010 IDC version.
Again our IDC was held at our super facility IDC Scuba Academy at Playa Maroma.
All the candidates enjoyed the course in the brand new classroom with a view of the turquoise Caribbean Sea.
The 2010 IDC Version of the IDC is a much more complete course, were candidates get much more hands on experience in teaching diving. I felt that from day one of the course, that it was going to be a great IDC, filled with lots of excitement and great personal ambition.
Our candidates came from Canada, Germany, Poland, England, France, Holland and Spain which gave a multicultural mix and good vibe to the 14 days of IDC training.
We all worked intense and did lots of real life training both in the ocean and also in the Cenotes. All the hard work paid off well at the IE.
Most of the candidates continued with us after the IDC with our famous MSDT course that even qualifies them further as dive educators.
This IDC was a very memorable one, and sure that all the new instructors will succeed well in their future dive endeavours.

Top Picture: From Left to right / Top to bottom : Jaime Dias, Anders Heegaard (Course Director), Muriel Iranzo, Dan Maitland-Wood, Matthias Wagner, Rens Groenink, Paulo Macarico (Staff Instructor)
Andreas Imhof, Will Kelly, Brenda Rose, Moritz Schuessler .
Pictures say more than a thousand words. So we have created a picasa photo album.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Online PADI e-learning option for IDC candidates

For candidates who are already certified as PADI Divemasters and intend to to the IDC training, there have been some changes to the curriculum and also an extra option to start online Today!

You may start part of your IDC Course online TODAY!!
The online course focuses on preparing you to function as a PADI Assistant Instructor or Open Water Scuba Instructor by introducing you to the complete PADI System. The course focuses your ability to use all components of the system as a professional dive educator.
Saving time and allows you to study at your own pace. (extra cost)

Extra advantage is that you will start 3 days later than our ‘Live delivery’ IDC.
“Live Delivery” IDC with us will always start on a Friday.
For those who choose the online option the IDC can start three days later.
Giving you the option to arrive later and spend less time and money on accommodations in Playa del Carmen.
There is an additional charge for this IDC e-learning option, that delivers convenience and value enhancement to the IDC. Paid to PADI directly.

Please read here to learn more about the PADI e-learning Instructor course.

At Pro Dive Mexico we also have our very popular FREE “Student Portal” available for all our IDC candidates!
Here you can study and pre-assess your dive theory online. You will have access to dive theory savers and soon online guided videos to help you in your preparations
for the IDC .
The “Student Portal” is for FREE when you book an IDC with Pro Dive Mexico.
When reservation is confirmed we will email you your personal username and password to enter the site, and you may start your preparations immediately.�

Sign up today.