Monday, November 15, 2010

Cenote dive with GoPro students

Another great day in the Riviera Maya!
Today in the DMRSP we took a field trip to the famous cenote Tajma-Ha.

The cenotes and caverns are located throughout the our jungle in an ancient underwater river system to which we have access to over 700 kms of explored diving areas. Nowhere else in the world can you enter such magnificently decorated and spiritually sensitive areas that open a whole new realm to your diving ability and experience.

Cenote Tajma-Ha has much to offer for both Cavern and Cave Divers, is situated just south of Playa del Carmen near Puerto Aventuras. The dive takes the diver from the entrance into a wide room underneath an air filled bat Cave. Here light enters through holes in the ceiling and penetrates the water like laser beams during the summer months. Along the Cavern floor you will find hundreds of stalactites lying in the sediment. Continuing the dive you enter the sugar bowl, a second small Cenote where you can see an amazing light show on Sunny Days. Tajma-Ha is decorated with stalactites, stalagmites and plenty of hidden fossils can be spotted if you look for them. Haloclines in the deeper areas create interesting mirror like effects as divers penetrate the layer of salt water, which is below the fresh water.

At Pro Dive Mexico we are proud to have introduced 3 new divers to the amazing world of diving in Cenotes. Eian, Joe and Matteo...welcome to the dark side :-)

See all the pictures from the dive here

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