Sunday, December 18, 2011

November and December news from the center..

Since my last blog a lot has happened. As I have been very busy the blog has not been updated as much as I would have liked.

Here is the story of the last months GoPro Training in Maroma.

It all started with the end of Kelsey, Irene’s and Zach’s Divemaster Resort Specialty.

We finished up the program with a great 2 tank dive in Chaac Mol Cenote.

Pictures can be seen here:

For most of them this was their first Cenote dive and changed a lot about their ideas of cavern diving. Some I am sure we will see back for a cave diving course one day.

In the beginning of November we started the IDC with a full class of 13 candidates.

Students came from Sweden, Mexico, Austria, Spain, Canada, Bahamas, England, France and the United States.

As a special guest in this course we had Simon Page return to audit this IDC and gain experience towards his Mater Instructor rating with PADI. Simon completed the IDC with me same time last year and has since then been working very successfully in Australia as a dive instructor.

The IDC was great and filled with many good moments. The top stories was the fun and creativity in the presentations we saw, the Intro to TEC/CAVE and as a special surprise we has a visit form Poseidon Rebreathers who took everybody for a tryout in the pool.

This was an extra in the IDC, as all candidates had performed so well in the first 10 days of the IDC. See the pictures from this great day here

All IDC candidates passed their exams in the beginning of December with flying colors and Cenote Ponderosa under the Examiners Gary and Gale form PADI.

Tears of joy and smiles all round J Good job.

After a day off from the celebrations, many of the candidates who wised to further their education continued with us in the popular MSDT course.

4 days of great training included Deep Diving procedures and Punta Maroma, Equipment Specially with Scuba Pro Technician, Search and Recovery where we managed to find Anders’s +1000$ dive computer and the captain cell phone (well the next day!!).

The final day we went to the Canon boat wreck in Puerto Morelos were we completed both the Wreck and Nitrox Instructor course. A great way to finish up the training.

After 4-5 days of non stop diving we had a few days quite in the center, with only Davide and his 2 Divemaster Students were busy learning the “Italian” way of becoming a PADI pro. Ryan from New Zealand and Tim from Germany I am sure had a great time with Staff Instructor Davide and his jokesJ

Susanne form Austria and Beth from England return last Monday to the center to learn how to become technical divers.

We did 3 days of technical diver training and both became PADI TEC 40 certified at the Cenote “The Pit” which is located inside the Dos Ojos cenote system.

The course was fun and both Beth and Susanne showed that they have what it takes to become a tec diver.

I hope to see you both back for TEC 45 and 50 some day.

Amazing location to finish such a course.

Now there is only a few days left before Christmas and most of the students of the November IDC are already working in the area. It’s such a nice feeling to be able to not only teach people how to become diving instructors, but also help them get that first job in the industry.

Our slogan is not without meaning “We don’t just certify! We build diving careers.”

From all of the Go Pro staff at Pro Dive Mexico (Anders, Goretty and Davide) we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year filled with lots of diving J

Keep diving, Keep learning.


Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 Platinum Course Director Award for Anders!

Pro Dive Mexico Course Director Anders Heegaard was at DEMA 2011 show once again awarded as a PLATINUM Course Director by PADI. There are only a handful in the world! In the picture you see JAMES MORGAN, PADI Americas Vice President of Training, together with Anders, receiving his award. Congrats Anders, on a job well done!

Instructor Development Award 2011!

DEMA show Orlando has been very successful for us! The first day of the show we have been awarded once again for excellence in instructor development in latin america. In the picture you see our operations manager Maria Jose Lledo Jara, receiving the award from Nick Jenny and Robert Sievens, PADI regional manager of latin america. We are proud to be one of only three latin american IDC centers to receive this 2011 award!

Cousteau meets Pro Dive Mexico!

In the picture you see JEAN MICHEL COUSTEAU, the son of world reknown diving explorer and icone JAQUES COUSTEAU, along with Maria Jose, Gaby and Markus of Pro Dive Mexico, during their talks about introduction of Cousteaus conservation educational program ("Ambassador of the Seas") into our GOPRO program portfolio. An exciting new project, to keep and help pushing the protection of the worlds oceans, as well as to add an exciting and unparalleled program to our portfolio, being available to our IDC and GOPRO students in the near future. We will keep you updated in the next news and development!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Poseidon MK6 Discovery Program

This week at the GoPro Center in Maroma we had visitors from Azul Sin Limites.

Ana, Polo and Juan Pedro work for ASL who are the distributor of Dive Rite (technical dive gear) and Poseidon Rebreathers.
They brought 5 Poseidon MK6 Rebreathers for us to get to know and try out.

PADI launched last month their first recreational rebreather courses and the only unit approved for these courses so far is the Poseidon Mk6.

After a very thorough explanation of the unit by Juan Pedro we went to the pool.
The pool practice was to get familiar with the unit by getting used to the buoyancy difference and practice emergency situations.

All of us (Jim, Goretty and I) took to it, like ducks in water.

After spending 30min in the pool we were ready for the ocean dive and headed of to the boat.

With it's weight of only 16kg and a dive time of 3-4 hours it's a truly amazing unit.
At Escuela Dive site we did a nice relaxing dive continuing to practice the very different way of diving. Besides the buoyancy being different, the silence is overwhelming! Jim say that he could hear his heart beating during the dive. That’s how quiet it is over regular open circuit diving.

A big thank you to the Azul Sin Limites team and sure that this is the beginning to a great partnership.

In this picture Course Director Anders and Jim on the MK6

To see all the pictures from the day, please click this link

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pro Dive Mexico Instructor candidates pass their exams.

Sunday afternoon Remco, Marijke, Will and Renee passed their PADI instructor examination at Ponderosa Cenote.
High scores and great spirits made this examination run amazingly.

Quote from Anders Heegaard, Course Director.
"This was a GREAT IDC! It was so much fun to teach and we had extra time to practice and roleplay. Remco, Marjike, Will and little Renee all did amazingly and I am proud to have been one of the persons to have taught them how to teach diving.
You all made an impression on us and we will remember this IDC always.
I am sure that I will see you all in the dive world and always count on me for support in the future."

In this picture, from left to right: Paulo (staff), Will Maxwell (England), Marjike (Curacao), Remco (Holland), Renee (Australia), Anders (Course Director).

See all the pictures from the course HERE.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2nd annual SCUBAPRO TEST DIVE a huge success!

Yes, it was a great fun day once again!!!

The second annual Scubapro & Pro Dive Mexico TEST DIVE was again a huge success, and of course a lot of fun!

Hosted by Mexico's leading PADI Career Development Center in Playa Maroma and Platinum Course Director Anders Heegaard, we had some real scuba industry "celebrities" attending the event:

Scubapro Latin America Sales Manager Mr. Roberto Quintana, and Scubapro Mexico Representative Mrs. Silvia Maiz, accompanied by Platinum PADI CD Anders Heegaard and his Pro Dive Mexico colleague, former Queensland, Australia PADI regional manager Jim Hutchinson.

The event was also attended by our GOPRO Assistant Paolo, our italian Maroma instructor Valentina, videographer Leandro as well as by some of our eager Gopro candidates, who sure enjoyed to be part of the great event!

Our fun group was evaluating some exciting new SCUBAPRO gear and items, and the test results will serve the manufacturer in its decisions to launch the products, as well as help our CDC facility determine what equipment will be useful and resistent enough for daily operations. Pro Dive Mexico is an authorized Scubapro dealer, and we only use the worlds Best scuba gear brand for our operations, since only the Best is good enough for our GOPRO Scuba Academy.

Because we know that....DEEP DOWN YOU WANT THE BEST.

Check out the yearly & traditional video, produced by our professional partner Martin Porta from UNDERWATER IMAGER, to get a glimpse of the fun:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tec course at Pro Dive Mexico

Monday morning was the final dive of the PADI TEC 40 Course. The student (Goretty) and her instructor (Course Director Anders) set out for on a sunny day with calm seas, to complete the graduation dive of the course.
3 days of skill practice and training dives, led up to this great moment.

Dive site was set for Punta Toro and its famous Cantil wall. The cantill is were the barrier reef ends and the bottom drops from about 35m to 400meters!
Diving on this edge is absolutely and amazing experience.
Conditions were great, and the strong currents were expected as usual:-) On the 40meter dive we encountered rays and some lion fish,
but the highlight of this dive site is the sponges (some 5 feet tall) that grow sideways, due to the northern current.

Quote from Goretty:
"My course was amazing!! I had such a good time and I really felt comfortable with the pace and skills of the course. We did different dives doing the 3 day course, but the best was Punta Toro:-)
I can’t wait to come back for my TEC 45 and 50, and who knows maybe one day also my Trimix Course. My instructor (Anders) really took time to explain me in details how the theory and skills work to dive comfortable TEC.
Hopefully I will be back soon."

If you want to know more about TEC diving, please check out for more information and schedule.

See also all the photos from the course here

Sometime one tank is just not enough :-)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Latest news! Pro Dive Mexico Academy is the proud winner of the PADI TEC REC center award!

Dear friends,

you already know that we offered training for cavern, intro-to-cave, and full cave divers.

We have now been awarded by PADI with the official PADI TEC REC center level, which enables us to furthermore teach the following exciting courses:

- DSAT Gas Blender
- DSAT Gas Blender Instructor

Soon will come also, as our next additions to our portfolio the PADI TEC Trimix 65 and the PADI TRIMIX full course.

We are very excited, as there are very few centers so far being able to offer this kind of TEC & TEC DEEP training! At Pro Dive Mexico Scuba Academy we are excited to be able to start these programs, and we look forward to DIVE TEC & DIVE DEEP with you soon! Please contact our Course Director Anders Heegaard directly for any inquiry at

For a little taste of TEC REC, check it out this video below, or click right here!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Scubapro & Pro Dive Mexico going for their TEST DIVE again!

Like every year our partner, the manufacturer of the worlds leading scuba equipment SCUBAPRO, is realising again their exciting TEST DIVE with PRO DIVE MEXICO, at one of our facilities.

The 18th of august 2011 is the date, that we are anxiously awaiting, because Scubapro will come to our PADI CDC CENTER at Playa Maroma, with newest and latest pieces of equipment, that need be tested in real life condition before being released to the market.

While we test the reliability of the newest scube gear from Scubapro, we always have loads of fun!

We will keep you posted in the results, and in the meanwhile check out our video from our TEST DIVE that we conducted last year at one of our facilities in world famous Cozumel, have fun!

Scubapro / Pro Dive Mexico Test Dive 2010

You can also watch this video on YOUTUBE:

Monday, August 1, 2011

The fastest track to a career in scuba diving: Our "Career Change Package Plus" package!

You are a certified Open Water diver and really fell in love with scuba diving?

You are bored with your current job?

You want to be able to earn money while scuba diving, all around the globe and in most exotic places?

Even make a real career?

Thats easy! It takes 72 days only, and even saves you a big buck, 1158 USD to be exact!!
Yes, that is one thousand one hundred fiftyeight american dollars!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We are happy to announce that this year we will be exhibiting at DEMA show, in Orlando, Florida (Nov 02 until Nov 05). Come visit our booth for a chat and info on latest news, dive travel info, our Scuba Academy and unbeatable and EXCLUSIVE special DEMA offers! See you there!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pro Dive Mexico Instuctor takes the plunge!

Check this out!

Our dear friend and instructor Alberto da Lago got married underwater! He took the plunge with his now wife Karla, along with more than 200 participants attending the ceremony underwater. Although they slightly missed their entry in the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORD by a few divers, it is the intention that counts, and of course getting married right? Besides sealing their bond for life and breaking a record, Karla and Alberto also intended to create awareness about the local sharks having in mind, that new protective local laws need to be created. Next to many diving friends, there was a lot of of international press as well, so besides getting married Alberto and Karla are now also famous, and their noble message reached the community worldwide!!

Congratulations Alberto and Karla, and all the best for your future life together!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Congratulations to the new Pro Dive Mexico Instructor Candidates.

This Sunday new PADI instructors were born!.
After over 2 weeks of intensive instructor training all the hard work showed off.
Pro Dive Mexico with yet another amazing passing rate at the IE.

Cenote Poderosa was the place of the final day of the exams. Who could wish for a more beautiful place to pass your exam and become a PADI Instructor.

From left to right, top to bottom: Carey, Mario (Examiner), Mike, Paulo (Staff), Athena, Massimo, Simon, David, Kris, Christie(Staff), Jessica (staff), Jordi, Anders (CD), Juan, Angelina and Roxanne.

"This IDC was a great experience. We had candidates from all over the world to come together for 14 days of instructor training. Belgium, USA, France, Greece, Spain, England, Canada, New Zealand and Puerto Rico, where the countries represented at this IDC and made it a very multi cultural experience teaching it.

"I wish you all the best in your instructor careers and hope that our paths will meet again.
Thank you guys and girls for making this a very memorable IDC." Anders Heegaard, Course Director.

See the pictures from the Instructor Exam here

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The summer IDC has started....

This Friday our June 2011 IDC started.
With studentes from 12 different countries, this IDC will be a very interesting and multi cultural melting pot.
Also a special IDC, as we have 2 extra Staff instructors auditing the IDC.
Follow our students and latest pictures here on facebook

Monday, June 13, 2011

The world needs a new warrior. It needs YOU.

We at Pro Dive Mexico are solidary and support the cause of Greenpeace. We hope that not only we as divers, but soon enough the whole world recognizes the need to save our oceans and our planet.

Check out this great video and website of GREENPEACE, and learn how you can help to build the next RAINBOW WARRIOR.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

IDC June starting in a few days

Just a couple of days and our June IDC class will start off with the IDC prep training.
This time we also have some IDC staff instructors auditing this PADI IDC training.

Being a PADI 5 star CDC also implies obligations for us... and yet again we managed to stand up for what we believe is one of the main objectives of any PADI 5 star CDC. To develope future careers and guidance in becoming a scuba professional.

After the training most candidates proceeded with our PADI MSDT prep training and also some continued their specialized FULL Cave course with us!!
Especially last mentioned training got one of the highest scores from our candidates and prepared them well as a future Cenotes guides!

We also see that our successful packages, marketing strategies and FREE add-on are copied more and more by other IDC centers. But we also know that quality and services cannot be copied! It's a believe system.
Many even copied us by stretching the IDC duration up to 10 days.....

We are proud to see this, as it means that in general the quality of IDC professionals will go up!

"Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations." Marston

Monday, May 30, 2011

NEW GoDive video!!

Check out the NEW GoDive video from PADI..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Divemaster Training

This week our Divemasters in training were put to the test. Introducing real life senarios and assisting with DSD's is one of the final test of the course.
Angelina, David, Pablo, Carey, Tina and Massimo all did great and will succeed as Divemasters. Next week is the final test, before most of them enter the Instructor Course on the 10th of June 2011.

See all the pictures here FACEBOOK

Sunday, May 8, 2011

April 2011 MSDT Course

WOW!! 4 days of Deep diving, Search & Recovery, Nitrox, Equipment and of course everyone’s favorite WRECK diving.

Congratulations to Marianne, Morgan, Ray and Valerie for their new Specialty Instructor ratings.

Quote from the Course Director:
The MSDT course is so much fun to teach. Not only is it almost only about diving, but it also expands on the teaching principles of the IDC.
The students get a real sense of teaching PADI specialties and prepares them much more as instructors for the "real" world of teaching scuba diving.
With 5 PADI specialties the new instructors are also more employable, as they can teach almost twice as many courses as a regular new instructor out of the IDC.

However the biggest advantage is the diversity of teaching they can do. With the MSDT prep course they can teach what they love about diving to others. For some it's wreck diving techniques, for others Deep diving skills.
For what reasons you choose the MSDT prep course, it's a course that keeps on giving and will assist the new instructors in all diving related activities."

All the best to you.

Keep learning and keep diving
(see the photos from the IDC and MSDT course here)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

April 2011 IDC Prep, IDC, EFRI and IE.

Last Sunday at Ponderosa Pro Dive Mexico again had 100% passing rate for their instructor candidates.

In this IDC course hard work and group dynamics really helped them succeed at the IE as a tight group of students.

I wish Valerie, Marianne, Morgan, Chris and Ray all the best in their diving careers.

Currently the students are still learning more about specialized diving techniques in the popular MSDT prep course.

Please see all the photos from this month training here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pro Dive Mexico - An award winning company!



Every dive center on the globe, especially IDC centers, will state that they are the best. Guess what, so do we! But how many centers can actually support their statements? Very few. We have just received a personal congratulation letter from Drew Richardson, President & Chief Operating Officer at PADI Worldwide. Read for yourself:

Dear Markus,

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you and Pro Dive Mexico on your recent nomination at DEMA for the "PADI Americas Overall Oustanding Achievement Award".

On behalf of everyone here at PADI, I would like to extend a hearty congratulations on a well-deserved nomination!

Thank you for your support and keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Drew Richardson
President & Chief Operating Officer
PADI Worldwide

To explain, PADI Americas will every year nominate 3 members only, for each category of excellence out of their whole region, being North America, Central America & South America.
Pro Dive Mexico has been nominated in not only one, but two categories! Only the best out of these best, meaning the ones that are nominated for several and not only one award, will then be nominated for the OVERALL Oustanding Achievement Award.

Winning this one, therefore comes equal with being awarded to be THE BEST of all.

So there you have it! We not only say we are the best, we really are! And we are really proud, to have achieved these recognitions. Once again, we are proud to say there is no better choice for you in the Americas to become a PADI instructor. Do it with Pro Dive Mexico Scuba Academy!

An overview about our latest achievements:
  • The only PADI CDC center in mexico, and one out of three only in Latin America.

  • Our course director Anders Heegaard received the PLATINUM COURSE DIRECTOR award, being one out of only a handful worldwide.

  • Winner of certificate of recognition for excellence, for outstanding customer service and professionalism in PADI scuba instruction in 2010.

  • Recipient of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC dive center award, for 7 consecutive years since 2005.

  • Nominated by PADI Americas: Outstanding Achievement Award for Instructor Development in 2010.

  • Nominated by PADI Americas: Outstanding Achievement Award for Dive Resort Business in 2010.

  • Nominated by PADI Americas: OVERALL Oustanding Achievement Award in 2010.

Become a PADI Instructor with Pro Dive Mexico Scuba Academy. Don't settle for less, because you deserve THE BEST.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April IDC and great weather.

Just a few days ago Pro Dive Mexico started the April IDC with students from all over the world.
With students coming from England, France, Belgium, New Zealand and USA, makes this IDC a very interesting melting pot of culture and opinions.

Quote from the Course Director
"Teaching IDC's is not only my passion, but also so rewarding for me, as I on every course learn something more about instructor training from the students.
They bring with them new ideas and believes that help me understand to better teach this level of courses."

So far this IDC had had the best weather possible, with a heat wave of high tempratures, sunny days and clam seas.

Stay updated on the this site and facebook.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

100% passing rate at the PADI Instructor Exams!

This Sunday at Cenote Ponderosa, Pro Dive Mexico's instructor candidates showed their skills and all passed the 3 day exams held by PADI headquaters.

It was the work of 2 weeks of training with Platinum Course Director Anders Heegaard and his staff.
"It was all my pleasure to teach this IDC and sure that we will see many of the new instructors again either here in Mexico, or in other popular dive destinations around the world."

Top row, left to right
Examiner José Morea, Kent, Tom, Rob, Paulo (staff Ins), Helen, Carlos, Kate, Moises}
Bottom row, left to right
Eian, Arturo, Anders (Course Director), Manuel, Matt, Karolina.

See all the pictures here

Saturday, March 26, 2011

GoTec presentation at the March IDC a success!

As part of the IDC with Pro Dive Mexico we had arranged again 1/2 day of Technical diving introductions.

The presentation fits perfect with the timing of our new GoTec department and special dedicated website, devoted to those who wish to take the next step and go beyond the limits.

The morning started with a short classroom presentation on the courses and the special equipment.

Also included was a introduction to cave diving and why this area of Mexico is cave diver heaven.

After a short break we hit the pool and tested out the new gear in the water.

First with just with the doubles on the back, then after with doubles and a stage tank. For all the candidates it was the first time with more than just one tank.

See the pictures from the mornings session and the IDC here:

Monday, March 14, 2011

IDC March starting in a few days

This Wednesday we will start with the PADI IDC prep days. Students will use these 2 days to prepare themselves for the upcoming PADI IDC training which starts this Friday.
This year we have many students signed up for this class and you may follow them for 14 days via facebook.
We wish them all good luck and see them all at their graduation day in 2 weeks.

We still accept new students for April PADI IDC class, Sign up now.

Good luck.

Pro Dive Mexico

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cenote dive with GoPro's

Yesterday the GoPro candidates currently doing their Divemaster course and those already in the Divemaster Resort Specialty Program went to Cenote Tajma-ha with Full Cave diver and PADI Course Director Anders Heegaard.

Cenote Tajma-ha is located just south of Puerto Aventuras.

The dive take you through a string of light zones making a dazzling underwater lazer like show. This dive site is a favorite for guides and customers alike, who are constantly returning to see the changes in the dive as the seasons change (more so the angle of the sun).
Haloclines in the deeper areas make interesting mirror like effects as divers penetrate into the layer of saltwater below the fresh.

Keep your eyes open during this dive it is decorated with stalagmites and stalactites in addition you will find many shell and coral fossils amongst the rocks.

After the dive we went to check out Cenote Sagrado (Holy cenote) were you can see, whats believed to be a old mayan alter.

Before returning back to Playa del Carmen, we of course had to stop at Taco Paco in Puerto Aventuras for some amazing fish and shrimp tacos. Yummiiii.

See all the pictures from the day right here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Special January IDC for our candidates

Last month we had a small group of candidates as our Course Director Anders Heegaard was attending a tradeshow in Europe.
Still, being the one and only PADI Career Development Center in Mexico, we had a big surprise for all our candidates!
Our GoPro team was headed by our second Course Director and former Australia's PADI regional manager, Jim Hutchinson!
It was fabulous to see how Jim and Paulo guided our students towards another successful PADI examination with ones again the highest scores !!
Ones again Anders Heegaard outperformed himself in setting this up and creating extra value for our students!
More and more upcoming professionals recognise the value we offer and the tranquil Mexican lifestyle as our March IDC training is already fully booked.

Being a PADI CDC also implies obligations for us... and yet again we managed to stand up for what we beleive is one of the main objectives of any PADI CDC center. To develop future careers and guidance in becoming a scuba professional.
After the training most candidates proceeded with our PADI MSDT prep training and also some continued their specialized FULL Cave training with us!!
Especially last mentioned training got one of the highest scores from our candidates and prepared them well as a future Cave instructor!
Compliments to Anders and Alain who speak 5 languages !!

We continued our promise and provided a job and future career for many of our candidates at one of our SEVEN ***** Star National Geographic dive centers along the Riviera Maya and Cozumel!

We believe this is what a REAL PADI Career development center is all about !

(Good luck to all our new instructors)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scuba Diving & Water Sports Video

Pro Dive Mexico is happy to announce our newest water sports promotion video.

We are based at following resorts with scuba diving and other water sports services. Like Kiting, diving, scuba training, snorkelling, parasail, jet-ski, banana-ride and wind surfing.

* Catalonia Riviera Maya
* Catalonia Yucatan beach
* Catalonia Royal Tulum
* Catalonia Playa Maroma
* Dreams Puerto Aventuras
* Occidental Allegro Cozumel
* Melia Cozumel
* Playa Azul Cozumel

BOOT Show Dusseldorf Germany

Pro Dive Mexico started 2011 with one of the biggest scuba dive trade shows in the world.
Being a German managed company and having our roots in Europe we decided to have a grant opening.

With daily BOOT price and many special BOOT show promotions for all our resorts we attracted many visitors.
Mexico with it's 2nd biggest Natural reef in the world has lots to offer for our diving community.

Our main focus point was of course our PADI CDC facilities in Mexico. One and only PADI Career Development Center in Mexico.

Hope having you with us soon.