Sunday, May 8, 2011

April 2011 MSDT Course

WOW!! 4 days of Deep diving, Search & Recovery, Nitrox, Equipment and of course everyone’s favorite WRECK diving.

Congratulations to Marianne, Morgan, Ray and Valerie for their new Specialty Instructor ratings.

Quote from the Course Director:
The MSDT course is so much fun to teach. Not only is it almost only about diving, but it also expands on the teaching principles of the IDC.
The students get a real sense of teaching PADI specialties and prepares them much more as instructors for the "real" world of teaching scuba diving.
With 5 PADI specialties the new instructors are also more employable, as they can teach almost twice as many courses as a regular new instructor out of the IDC.

However the biggest advantage is the diversity of teaching they can do. With the MSDT prep course they can teach what they love about diving to others. For some it's wreck diving techniques, for others Deep diving skills.
For what reasons you choose the MSDT prep course, it's a course that keeps on giving and will assist the new instructors in all diving related activities."

All the best to you.

Keep learning and keep diving
(see the photos from the IDC and MSDT course here)

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