Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2nd annual SCUBAPRO TEST DIVE a huge success!

Yes, it was a great fun day once again!!!

The second annual Scubapro & Pro Dive Mexico TEST DIVE was again a huge success, and of course a lot of fun!

Hosted by Mexico's leading PADI Career Development Center in Playa Maroma and Platinum Course Director Anders Heegaard, we had some real scuba industry "celebrities" attending the event:

Scubapro Latin America Sales Manager Mr. Roberto Quintana, and Scubapro Mexico Representative Mrs. Silvia Maiz, accompanied by Platinum PADI CD Anders Heegaard and his Pro Dive Mexico colleague, former Queensland, Australia PADI regional manager Jim Hutchinson.

The event was also attended by our GOPRO Assistant Paolo, our italian Maroma instructor Valentina, videographer Leandro as well as by some of our eager Gopro candidates, who sure enjoyed to be part of the great event!

Our fun group was evaluating some exciting new SCUBAPRO gear and items, and the test results will serve the manufacturer in its decisions to launch the products, as well as help our CDC facility determine what equipment will be useful and resistent enough for daily operations. Pro Dive Mexico is an authorized Scubapro dealer, and we only use the worlds Best scuba gear brand for our operations, since only the Best is good enough for our GOPRO Scuba Academy.

Because we know that....DEEP DOWN YOU WANT THE BEST.

Check out the yearly & traditional video, produced by our professional partner Martin Porta from UNDERWATER IMAGER, to get a glimpse of the fun:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tec course at Pro Dive Mexico

Monday morning was the final dive of the PADI TEC 40 Course. The student (Goretty) and her instructor (Course Director Anders) set out for on a sunny day with calm seas, to complete the graduation dive of the course.
3 days of skill practice and training dives, led up to this great moment.

Dive site was set for Punta Toro and its famous Cantil wall. The cantill is were the barrier reef ends and the bottom drops from about 35m to 400meters!
Diving on this edge is absolutely and amazing experience.
Conditions were great, and the strong currents were expected as usual:-) On the 40meter dive we encountered rays and some lion fish,
but the highlight of this dive site is the sponges (some 5 feet tall) that grow sideways, due to the northern current.

Quote from Goretty:
"My course was amazing!! I had such a good time and I really felt comfortable with the pace and skills of the course. We did different dives doing the 3 day course, but the best was Punta Toro:-)
I can’t wait to come back for my TEC 45 and 50, and who knows maybe one day also my Trimix Course. My instructor (Anders) really took time to explain me in details how the theory and skills work to dive comfortable TEC.
Hopefully I will be back soon."

If you want to know more about TEC diving, please check out for more information and schedule.

See also all the photos from the course here

Sometime one tank is just not enough :-)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Latest news! Pro Dive Mexico Academy is the proud winner of the PADI TEC REC center award!

Dear friends,

you already know that we offered training for cavern, intro-to-cave, and full cave divers.

We have now been awarded by PADI with the official PADI TEC REC center level, which enables us to furthermore teach the following exciting courses:

- DSAT Gas Blender
- DSAT Gas Blender Instructor

Soon will come also, as our next additions to our portfolio the PADI TEC Trimix 65 and the PADI TRIMIX full course.

We are very excited, as there are very few centers so far being able to offer this kind of TEC & TEC DEEP training! At Pro Dive Mexico Scuba Academy we are excited to be able to start these programs, and we look forward to DIVE TEC & DIVE DEEP with you soon! Please contact our Course Director Anders Heegaard directly for any inquiry at

For a little taste of TEC REC, check it out this video below, or click right here!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Scubapro & Pro Dive Mexico going for their TEST DIVE again!

Like every year our partner, the manufacturer of the worlds leading scuba equipment SCUBAPRO, is realising again their exciting TEST DIVE with PRO DIVE MEXICO, at one of our facilities.

The 18th of august 2011 is the date, that we are anxiously awaiting, because Scubapro will come to our PADI CDC CENTER at Playa Maroma, with newest and latest pieces of equipment, that need be tested in real life condition before being released to the market.

While we test the reliability of the newest scube gear from Scubapro, we always have loads of fun!

We will keep you posted in the results, and in the meanwhile check out our video from our TEST DIVE that we conducted last year at one of our facilities in world famous Cozumel, have fun!

Scubapro / Pro Dive Mexico Test Dive 2010

You can also watch this video on YOUTUBE:

Monday, August 1, 2011

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