Saturday, October 22, 2011

Poseidon MK6 Discovery Program

This week at the GoPro Center in Maroma we had visitors from Azul Sin Limites.

Ana, Polo and Juan Pedro work for ASL who are the distributor of Dive Rite (technical dive gear) and Poseidon Rebreathers.
They brought 5 Poseidon MK6 Rebreathers for us to get to know and try out.

PADI launched last month their first recreational rebreather courses and the only unit approved for these courses so far is the Poseidon Mk6.

After a very thorough explanation of the unit by Juan Pedro we went to the pool.
The pool practice was to get familiar with the unit by getting used to the buoyancy difference and practice emergency situations.

All of us (Jim, Goretty and I) took to it, like ducks in water.

After spending 30min in the pool we were ready for the ocean dive and headed of to the boat.

With it's weight of only 16kg and a dive time of 3-4 hours it's a truly amazing unit.
At Escuela Dive site we did a nice relaxing dive continuing to practice the very different way of diving. Besides the buoyancy being different, the silence is overwhelming! Jim say that he could hear his heart beating during the dive. That’s how quiet it is over regular open circuit diving.

A big thank you to the Azul Sin Limites team and sure that this is the beginning to a great partnership.

In this picture Course Director Anders and Jim on the MK6

To see all the pictures from the day, please click this link

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