Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cenote dive with GoPro's

Yesterday the GoPro candidates currently doing their Divemaster course and those already in the Divemaster Resort Specialty Program went to Cenote Tajma-ha with Full Cave diver and PADI Course Director Anders Heegaard.

Cenote Tajma-ha is located just south of Puerto Aventuras.

The dive take you through a string of light zones making a dazzling underwater lazer like show. This dive site is a favorite for guides and customers alike, who are constantly returning to see the changes in the dive as the seasons change (more so the angle of the sun).
Haloclines in the deeper areas make interesting mirror like effects as divers penetrate into the layer of saltwater below the fresh.

Keep your eyes open during this dive it is decorated with stalagmites and stalactites in addition you will find many shell and coral fossils amongst the rocks.

After the dive we went to check out Cenote Sagrado (Holy cenote) were you can see, whats believed to be a old mayan alter.

Before returning back to Playa del Carmen, we of course had to stop at Taco Paco in Puerto Aventuras for some amazing fish and shrimp tacos. Yummiiii.

See all the pictures from the day right here. http://on.fb.me/dFiW8s

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