Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NEW Pro Dive Mexico Instructors!!!!

The September IDC and IE came to a great end this weekend. After 2 days of being tested by PADI staff they all passed their exam with some of the highest scores.

At Cenote Ponderosa Course Director Anders Heegaard was again personally thanked by PADI examiners, for his execptional thorough training of his candidates.
"It's not everyday I see instructors candidates trained to this level. It's been a pleasure to be examiner on your team" was the what the PADI staff had to say about our training.

We congratulate Antonio Bernal, Simon Page, Jo Jo Willink, Sean Turnbull, Clare Johnson, Charlie Kessler, Ben Eisele, Ivan Samra, Manuel Medina, Leo Morante and Geraldine Solignac, on a job well done!!

Good job guys an all the best to you in your diving careers. :-)

See all the pictures here..http://bit.ly/cNFCIr

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