Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pro Dive Mexico first Full Cave Diver Course.

On Monday the 6th of December Pro Dive Mexico hosted their first FULL CAVE DIVER course as part of the Go Tec Department with students Joe Lodge (USA) and Frederic Fabre (France).

Their Instructor is Pro Dive Mexico's techincal diving expert from Switzerland Alain Pocobelli.

Their journey from having no experience, to become trained cave divers over the next 9 days of training can be followed in these pictures.

In this picture Frederic (left), Alain (center) and Joe Lodge (right)

Soon in an a blog coming up, will be Joe's personal notes from the day to day activities and thoughts that go through your head, when training in one of the most extreme diving environments on the earth.

In the Yucatán Peninsula, any surface opening where groundwater can be reached is called cenote, which is a Spanish form of the Maya word d'zonot. The cave systems formed as normal caves underwater, but upper sections drained becoming air filled during past low sea levels. During this vadose, or air filled state, abundant speleothem deposits formed. The caves and the vadose speleothem were subsequently reflooded and became hydraulically reactivated as rising sea levels also raised the water table.

Joe and Fred both gave an amazing performance throughout the course and meet all standards and requirements for diving in these harsh conditions.

Congratulations to Fred and Joe for completing the course.

See all the pictures from the course here.
Video's can be seen later

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